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We provide expert assistance and advice in tribological and lubrication engineering areas.

LUBRAL Specialsmøremidler is a Danish supplier of high quality lubricants.

We supply high-quality and special lubricants on a chemical-technical basis to Europe's leading companies and machinery manufacturers in the general industry, in the printing- and paper processing industry, the packaging industry, laundry industry, ball bearings manufacturers, construction cranes, machine manufacturers, food processing industry, beverage processing industry, cosmetic-, and pharmaceutical industries.

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New: The “brush can”.

New application method for the lubrication of assembly applications. The “brush can” for assembly applications in industry and the food industry: easy to handle, clean and economical – pinpoint accuracy with one Hand

Brewery Technique.

Many former small breweries have turned into fully automated beer factories. Automated production lines enable the production and filling at low cost.

Find out more about the use of lubricants in ELKALUB breweries.


Very special requirements apply to lubricants used in the food industry. No compromises may be made with regard to the harmlessness of the lubricants. H1 Lubricants are lubricating oils and greases whose occasional, unintended contact with food constitutes no danger to people.

H1 for Robotic gear box.

LFC 92100 and LFC 921000 are two new high performance oils for the lubrication of robot drives. Remarkably, these oils are even H1-certified! Mechanical and plant engineers have entirely new application opportunities at their disposal.

From this moment, almost all H1-registered ELKALUB high-performance lubricants are also halal-certified.

"With our wide range of Halal-certified H1 lubricants, our customers can now consistently switch to approved products from a single source."