حلال للسوق العالمية

From this moment, almost all H1-registered ELKALUB high-performance lubricants are also halal-certified.

"The first requests for halal-certified ELKALUB lubricants were received from dairies that wanted to export milk powder to the Middle East or to Asia," said the head of the technical sales department of Chemie-Technik GmbH, Dr. Ing. Stefan Schlomski. With currently 96 NSF-registered H1 lubricants, the company is already heavily represented in food-related manufacturing areas such as manufacturing, transportation and packaging.

The Halal certification has so far played a role only for a few ELKALUB products - but this has changed recently due to numerous requests from foreign customers.

"Especially for us as a global oriented company with about 50 percent of international sales , Halal certification opens up the global market for the manufacturing of Muslim food. The need is great, because Islam is the second largest world religion with about 1.8 billion followers. "Stefan Schlomski adds:" Demand is also growing in the packaging industry. The last request came from a blown film manufacturer who wants to convert his entire machine park to use Halal-certified lubricants. The reason: The films come into direct contact with the food, so both the films and the lubricants used in the production must be Halal. "

The certification confirms the flawless, the pure and therefore the accepted ("Halal") nature of ELKALUB high-performance lubricants from an Islamic point of view.

In the first step of the certification, the ingredients and formulations were tested for undesirable components. This required intensive research involving the upstream suppliers. In the second step, containers and working materials were checked and the processing and cleaning processes were assessed. The inspection of the production by a member company of the "Quality Association Halal Food e.V." formed the conclusion of the HALAL certification.

The entire process was on the side of the Chemie-Technik GmbH accompanied by the graduate food chemist and management officer Cornelia Hölle. It monitors compliance with all Circulations, prepares and reviews the annual follow-up audits ELKALUB products in the development stage already on future Halal conformity. She formulates her goal as follows: "Ideally we develop products for the food industry, both NSF H1-registerable as well as Halal-certified. "

"With our wide range of Halal-certified H1 lubricants, our customers can now consistently switch to approved products from a single source."