Brewery Technique

Continuous application of H1 lubricants in breweries

Many former breweries converted into fully automated beer factories. Automated production lines allow for low-cost manufacturing and filling.

This means that the requirements on the lubricant are even higher since any delay or, even worse, any downtime will have immediate costly Impacts. In such industrially oriented breweries, one filling line is placed next to another, and the number of lubrication points within such production halls dominated by stainless steel is countless.

Above all, the automated lubricant application with ELKALUB's lubrication technology ensures trouble-free running for the companies’ lines. The continuous availability of H1 lubricants is an important factor for planners, plant managers and maintenance staff; this applies to all applications during the process chain, including peripheral systems such as compressors or electric motors as well as automation components such as robots, linear guides and electric cylinders.

ELKALUB lubricants possess the industry-specific approvals – this includes, for example, renowned system manufacturers such as Krones or KHS

User report: Gansbrauerei, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany

Why Brewmaster Andreas Lorenz consistently uses ELKALUB products in the Goose Brewery (The German name is Gansbrauerei) is explained in this user report. 

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Product overview: Lubricants for the food industry and pharmacy

Learn more about the application areas and Elkalubs extensive range of lubricants in form of lubricating greases and oils

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User report from Bromberger Verpackungen, Why H1 lubricants are currently popular, and What are H1 lubricants anyway?

PDF-Product brochure

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