FLC 1014 

400 ml


General application:

FLC 1014 applies for guides, joints, fits, transmission chains, gripper of printing machines, spindles. That implies at all locations where sliding motion under load is given.

FLC 1014 Oil spray with PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene).

Accepts high loads; best anti-corrosion- and sliding properties.

This spray has its base on our lubricating concentrate ELKALUB LA 1.


FLC 1014 offers a high anti-aging stability, is chemically neutral, dust and dirt dissolving. It does not resinify and provides best anti-corrosion properties. The good creeping ability of FLC 1014 ensures paramount lubrication also in narrow fits. 

FLC 1014 works best in temperature areas of -20°C till +120°C

Technical Data Sheet

FLC 1014 TDS

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