New cleaner:
FLC 900 Cleaning spray

- with H1 approval for technical surfaces


One must comply with the applicable hygiene regulations, you must solve stubborn dirt from machines and systems completely and this must be done in a brief time.


Cleaning Spray

None of the conventional cleaning products for the food instustry currently can combine theses harsh conditions.

For companies, this means a considerable effort and excessive costs. The solution from the lubricants specialists LUBRAL and ELKALUB is called FLC 900 Clean and is an innovative and new cleaning spray. The unique feature is that the cleaner has NSF-H1 approval and can be used in the food industry, even if direct product contact cannot be completely excluded.

This is an important criterion for manufacturers, eg. for companies such as ALPI-Milchverarbeitungs und Handels GmbH & Co. KG Berglandmilch eGen in Klagefurt and Wörgl in Austria, as well as F & T Dichtungstechnik GmbH, who already successfully use the new LUBRAL and ELKALUB product. FLC 900 Clean is suitable for cleaning a variety of technical surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass. This means that the cleaner, which is free of CHC, CFC, AOX and silicone, can be used well recommended to remove fatty deposits. This leaves a bare and grease-free surface. (SDG)


The cleaner is at the same time the first product in the new packaging design, which is successively implemented for all LUBRAL and ELKALUB products.


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