FLC 1010 Chain Spray 

200 ml


General application:

FLC 1010 is an oil spray without additives of solid particles based upon our E.P. lubricating concentrate LA 1.

FLC 1010 gripper seats (printing industry), spindles, joints, chains. Extremely good creeping lubricant for fits to cope with utmost high work loadability;

After spraying on the parts to be lubricated, there remains only a very thin, transparent and adhesive film.


FLC 1010 is resistant to "aging", chemically neutral, dirt dissolving, protects against corrosion and goes underneath water.

The creeping performance is rather limited on metal surfaces; free of resins and acids; does not bind any dirt particles or dust (-20°C to +120°C) 

Slightly rusty or coked parts become mobile again and can be loosened.

Preparing the MC Chain 
Chain Lubrication

Technical Data Sheets
FLC 1010 TDS 
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