LFC 1100 

5 liter


ISO VG 100
Temperature (°C)-10 / +120
To be used forUm, Ge, Ke


Pn = pneumatic, Hy = hydraulic, Um = circulation, Ge = gearboxes, Sp = rinse oil, Ke = chains, La = bearing, Ko = compressor

ELKALUB EP-high-performance lubricating oils based upon mineral oil are ready-for-use lubricants with special ELKALUB additivation. They offer high protection against wear and corrosion and an excellent load carrying ability.

All oils of the LFC 1000 group are exempt from PCB and chlorine products and can be disposed of as normal used oils

With FE 8 anti-wear test approval, long-life service oil KBA Planeta 

Techinical Data Sheet:
LFC 1000 Series TDS
LFC 1000 Series Descriptions

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