LFC 9032

20 liter


Temperature (°C)-45 / +150
To be used forPn, Hy, Sp


Pn = pneumatic, Hy = hydraulic, Um = circulation, Ge = gearboxes, Sp = rinse oil, Ke = chains, La = bearing, Ko = compressor

The oils of the series LFC 9000 are completely synthetic EP high-performance lubricating oils, which are mixable with all mineral oils. They distinguish themselves by excellent lubricating capabilities, high stability under high and low temperatures and little chemical aggressiveness. Besides they have no tendency to carbonize and form residues. They should beapplied according to the viscosity prescribed by the machine manufacturer.

The LFC 9000 oils are excellent as circulation, oil sump and chain lubricants under high temperatures, as well as for gears and bearings and as compressor oils.

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Technical Data Sheets.