LA 8 

20 liter


Temperature (°C)-5 / +80
For mineral oils of ISO VG(adhesive lubricant)

LA 8 is a highly viscous special lubricant which at the same time possesses an excellent creeping ability. LA 8 is mainly intended for the lubrication of highly loaded chain transmissions. The very adhesive film with EP and boundary lubrication capabilities, which is formed by LA 8 is extremely resistant against centrifugal forces and pressure.

The LA-concentrates are miscible with mineral oils (excluded: hypoid oils). LA 1, LA 4 and LA 7 will be added approx 15% to 20%, LA 8 and LA 8P approx 5% to 8%. Border line lubrication characteristics will be improved considerably.

LA 8 is recommended or prescribed by leading printing press manufacturers. 

Examples for application: Delivery chains, guide rails, eccentrics, gripper opening curves, open gear wheels, chain guideways

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