LUBRAL high quality Lubricating greases

DesignationNLGITemperature (°C)Short time (°C)ndm-value (Speed-factor)Base oil/thickenerRemarks
GLL 63,2-15 / +100+130300.000M, LiAdhesive, long fibred, for roller/slide bearings, shakers, open lubricating points
GLL 73,2-20 / +120+150400.000M, LiMulti-purpose grease for roller and slide bearings
GLL 102,1-20 / +120+130300.000M, LiMoS2-grease for roller and slide bearings under high working load
GLG 160-000-20 / +120+120M, LiFor gears under heavy work load; shows outstanding slide friction behaviour
GLS 72-20 / +120200.000M, aoVAssembly- and disassembly paste for temperatures up to +1500°C
GLS 752-20 / +120+150400.000M, LiLong term grease with high oxidation stability for high working pressure loads
GLS 1312-20 / +120+140250.000M, LiHigh performance, for rolling bearings, plain bearings and open lubrication points
GLS 1352, 1, 00-20 / +120+150500.000M, LiFor roller- and slide bearings under high working load
GLS 1632-20 / +130+150400.000M, PHFor bearings and slide motions, under changing motions and directions
GLS 7341-2-40 / +140Si, LiFor sliding motion excellent for Bowden cables
GLS 7642-40 / +180+300>500.000Si, PHHigh-temperature grease; contains silicone
GLS 7953,2-40 / +180+200100.000Si, oVHigh-temperature grease; when in use with hot air, it is limited to 120°C
GLS 9312-40 / +90+120PAO, LiFor stepper motors; especially plastic gears; paramount friction values
GLS 9321-40 / +130+150300.000PAO, LiLubricating grease for aluminium/steel- and plastic /steel- pairings
GLS 9332–1-40 / +120+140500.000PAO, LiLow-friction grease for rolling bearings, plain bearings and plastic applications
GLS 9353–2-40 / +120+1401.500.000PAO, LiSpezSpindle bearing grease
GLS 9622-40 / +170+250>600.000PAO, PHLubrication of roller- and slide bearings in high-temperature areas
GLS 9653, 000-40 / +170+250>600.000PAO, PHHigh-temperature grease for high loads in roller- and slide bearings
GLS 9662-40 / +160+230>600.000PAO, PHHigh-temperature grease for medium- till high speed bearings
GLS 991-40 / +140+180PAO, oVFor pneumatic, bearings, gears, slide motions, bars and fittings
GLS 9931-40 / +150+200<100.000PAO, oVFor pneumatic, bearings, gears, slide motions, bars and fittings
VP 9000-30 / +150M, Li/CaAdhesive grease for open gears, cam and cam disks
VP 9072-30 / +1201.600.000M, Li-SpezSpindle bearing grease
VP 9112-40 / +230300.000PFE, PAO,soVHigh-temperature grease for waffle ovens, fluted roller bearings, oven hinges

M = Mineral oil, = white oil, E = Ester, PAO = Poly-Alpha-Olefins, Si = Silicone, PFE = Perfluorether, PG = Polyglycol, PHE = Phosphate ester, Al = Aluminium, Li = Lithium, Na = Natrium/Sodium, PH = Polyurea, aoV = anorganic thickener, oV = organic thickener

The above information is compiled to the best of our knowledge. They should serve you for selection and advice. However, we cannot assume liability and warranty because of the versatile fields of application and purposes. Please, let us personally advise you.

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