Greases for the Food Industry

DesignationNLGITemperature (°C)Short time (°C)ndm-value (Speed-factor)Base oil/thickenerRemarks
GLS 3611-25 / +120+130W, PHH1-grease to stop tribocorrosion; for open gears, as assembly grease
GLS 3633-25 / +120+140200.000W, aoVHighly adhesive H1 grease for rolling bearings, plain bearings and open lubrication points
GLS 3642-10 / +120+150>600.000 W, PHH1-grease for cutter shaft bearings, slicers, sausage fillers, sterilizers
GLS 3672, 1, 00, 000-10 / +130+180100.000W, aoVH1-grease for roller- and slide bearings, guides even exposed to water
GLS 3802,1-10 / +120+180200.000W, AlH1-grease, with preference for slide bearings with ferrousnon ferrous pairings
GLS 38100, 000-20 / +120+150200.000W, AlH1-semi liquid grease for gears
GLS 3822-20 / +120200.000W, AlH1-grease for high-load rolling bearings and plain bearings
GLS 3882, 1-10 / +100+130200.000W, AlH1-grease, very adhesive, for slide bearings, bars, open cog wheels
GLS 5953, 2, 00-40 / +250+300100.000PFE, oVLong-life grease for high-temperature applications, can only be mixed with grease of same type. Pretreatment with LFC 500 is recommended
GLS 7943, 2, 1, 0-40 / +180+200Si, oVH1-silicone grease for slide motions, valves, guides, O-ringassembly, etc.
GLS 867-10 / +35+130PG, aoVH1-assembly grease for EPDM-gaskets, can be well rinsed off
GLS 991-40 / +140+180PAO, oVFor pneumatic, bearings, gears, slide motions, bars and fittings
GLS 9642-20 / +130+150500.000PAO, PHsynthetic H1-grease for roller- and slide bearings
GLS 9671-2-15 / +130+150100.000PAO, aoVH1-grease with extended resistance to water, acids and alkalis
GLS 9802-40 / +140200.000PAO, AlH1-grease for high loads and temperatures
GLS 993 H11-40 / +150+200<100.000PAO, oVH1-grease for pneumatic, bearings, gears, slide motions, bars, etc
VP 8732-20 / +140200.000W, synt. Öl, oVH1-grease for highly loaded roller and slide bearings
VP 8742-20 / +120+150>600.000PAO, oVH1-grease for linear contacts, recommended by Bosch Rexroth
VP 8862-30 / +120+150300.000PG, aoVH1-grease with good sliding friction behaviour, UV resistent
VP 8892–3-15 / +130+150100.000synt. Öl, E, aoVH1-grease for sterlizor chains does not leave any stains on the tins
VP 890< 000-35 / +140PAO, oVH1-special-semi-liquid grease with high corrosion protection

M = Mineral oil, = white oil, E = Ester, PAO = Poly-Alpha-Olefins, Si = Silicone, PFE = Perfluorether, PG = Polyglycol, PHE = Phosphate ester, Al = Aluminium, Li = Lithium, Na = Natrium/Sodium, PH = Polyurea, aoV = anorganic thickener, oV = organic thickener

The above information is compiled to the best of our knowledge. They should serve you for selection and advice. However, we cannot assume liability and warranty because of the versatile fields of application and purposes. Please, let us personally advise you.