H1-certified products carry the NSF mark

To ensure that lubricants are H1 approved, their name, label, composition and safety data sheet of the product and all ingredients must be submitted to a certification body. A product test is not carried out. The most famous certification body is the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) in the USA, which certifies products from all over the world and from different areas. Products that have a confirmed H1 registration are marked with the NSF symbol.

For the production of H1 lubricants, only raw materials which are listed in the "White Book®" of the NSF or which correspond to certain paragraphs in the so-called Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) may be used. For more information on the raw materials used, click here.

In addition to the official NSF certificate, all H1 lubricants from ELKALUB receive an additional signet.

H1 lubricants for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

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