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Veterinary Directorate (DK)
Allergen Free Confirmation List

Chemie-Technik GmbH

ELKALUB FLC 3010126162*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 367126161*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 367 P146227H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 4010146225*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 4010 flüssig153302H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 4010 P146226H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 675 R+S140513*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 745126160*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 8 H1138247*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 900 Clean147542*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 9010138648*H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 9010P143990H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 9030150900H1Certificat
ELKALUB FLC 905150894H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 361/N1151019*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 363/N3143895*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 364135019*'H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 367/N00133174*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 367/N000133173*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 367/N2133172*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 380/N2136696*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 381/N00140254*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 381/N000140253*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 382/N2145892*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 388/N1136814*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 388/N2136815*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 595/N2139874*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 595/N3139875*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 794/N0133625H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 794/N1133626*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 794/N2133627*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 794/N3133628*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 867139282*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 962/N2125632H2Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 964/N2137204*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 965125633*H2Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 967/N1-2136218H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 980/N2145788*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 991150893*H1Certificat
ELKALUB GLS 993 H1119006*H1Certificat
ELKALUB KettenreinigungsSpray FLC 675 R+S142187*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LA 8 H1136324*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3015132921*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3022132922*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3032132923*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3046132924*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3068132925*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3100132926*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 31150125630*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3150132927*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3220132928*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3320132929*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34068141859*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34100141860*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34150141861*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34220142298*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34320145789H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 34460145790*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3460132930*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 3680132931*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 7260133455*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 8150137625*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 8220137626*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 8320137627*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 8460146827*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9022151645*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9032125629*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9046132932*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9068132933*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9100132934*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 91000151647H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9150132935*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 92100147553H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 921000150495H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9220132937*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9320132938*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9460132936*H1Certificat
ELKALUB LFC 9680151646*H1Certificat
ELKALUB MBF 360137071H1Certificat
ELKALUB MBF 370137172*H1Certificat
ELKALUB MBF 370 P145890H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 784125631*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 806138303H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 849129161H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 873137276*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 874137665*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 886140509*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 889141137*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 890140674*H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 899142809H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 906144459H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 916150005H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 921149859H1Certificat
ELKALUB VP 922150205H1Certificat
ELKALUB VPG 927155277H1Certificat

* Certificate in English language can be produced upon actual request. Some exist already. 

LUBRAL Nordic Aps.

Product overview: Lubricants for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries

Learn more about the application areas and our extensive selection of lubricants in the form of greases and oils

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