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Maybe it is not very timid to call Elkalub's products high-performance lubricants. The requirements from International customers are constantly increasing, caused by ever newer designs with constantly increasing rotational speed, increasing loads, increasing forces and so on. 

Developments that deserved to be called "high-performance" today are often rather "average" when the next generation of products is appearing.

It is Elkalub's claim to offer you high-performance lubricants today, as well as tomorrow. The logical consequence is therefore a continuous investment in Elkalub's in-house research and development.

Experienced people work in Elkalub's laboratory with the most modern equipment.


Elkalub's production department for greases and oils extends over an area of 2400 square meters. The core components of its equipment have been designed and built according to Elkalub's own ideas and requirements for many years.

The integration of Elkalub's experience into the design of their modern equipment, ensures that the series products always match the prototypes and samples brought to maturity during the various stages in the development of the lubricant.

Since Elkalub's production layout is highly flexible they are able to produce even small lots cost efficiently. Experienced people work in Elkalub's production with the most modern equipment.

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