FLC 1070 

400 ml


General application:

FLC 1070 is oxidation resistant, dirt dissolving, chemically neutral, does not resinify and protects from corrosion. Theproduct’shighcreepingabilityguaranteesthatthelubricatingfilmis also formed at the inner friction surfaces endangered by wear (chains, joints, slideways, plain bearings, etc.).

The excellent additivation of FLC 1070 protects the friction surfaces from high wear.


Note: For very narrow lubricating gaps or very big depths of penetration we recommend to use our spray FLC 1010 which has been used successfully for many years. FLC 1070 is also available in liquid form.

The temperature range recommended is between –10° C and +120° C.

Technical Data Sheet

FLC 1070 TDS

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