LFC 9320

200 liter


Temperature (°C)-35 / +150
To be used forGe, Ke, La


Pn = pneumatic, Hy = hydraulic, Um = circulation, Ge = gearboxes, Sp = rinse oil, Ke = chains, La = bearing, Ko = compressor

PAO based, fully synthetic oil for temperature areas up to + 150°C, (short term up to + 180°C).

These oils do not carbonize and are miscible with mineral oils. Because of the high oxidation resistance and the very good demulsibility and air release characteristics they can be very well used in piston and in screw compressors. Evaluation of oil should be done according to lubrication manuals of the individual machinery manufacturers. These oils posess an H1 food-grade approval.

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Technical Data Sheets.